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Our IT consulting Services Team knows the importance of technology and business processes in your company. That is why our professionals consider your business goals first and the technology that supports them second, thus ensuring you have optimal technology solutions. We are experienced in making full use of your technology infrastructure. And because we are independent, we can take a true, unbiased view of your business needs and recommend solutions accordingly.

Our services

C Corp, S Corp and partnerships

Locate clever tax solutions through MCM’s Business Tax Services Team. We’ll make sure your business qualifies for relevant tax benefits.

State filings and multi-state tax compliance

Save yourself time and money trying to understand tax laws across multiple states. With locations all across the region, we’ll make sure your taxes adhere to state-specific regulations.

Sales, use and property tax

Navigate sales and use tax options to give your business the highest possible return. MCM locate lucrative sales and use tax opportunities through our dedicated Business Tax Services Team.

Quarterly estimated tax calculations

Break down your estimated tax projections every quarter through our informed calculation process.

International tax planning

Demystify the many complex tax issues surrounding global business ventures and international employment with the help of MCM’s Business Tax Services Team.

Analysis of sophisticated tax transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations, buy-sell agreements and succession planning

Enhance your cost efficiencies, revenue, and market share merger & acquisition advisory services. Through our integrated approach, we’ll offer comprehensive investment banking and consulting services designed to help you go forward with a seamless merger and/or acquisition.

IRS and state representation, including dispute resolution or private letter rulings

Make a successful IRS appeal through our effective dispute resolution and private letter rulings services. Our Business Tax Services Team represents an array of industries and will make sure your company is prepared to confront an appeal process.

Entity selection and optimization

Structure your business smoothly through MCM’s Business Tax services. We’ll step in to help you make the hard decisions as you look to optimize your business’s tax planning.

State and Local Tax planning (SALT)

Trust our empirical, effective, and comprehensive approach to business audit and tax services at the state and local level. We’ll make sure you’re totally prepared for your next internal or external audit, and we’ll also get you ready for a smooth and seamless tax season.

FAS 109 and FIN 48 calculations

Prepare your FAS 109 and FIN 48 calculations precisely and seamlessly. MCM will provide your business a nuanced financial breakdown to help you get ready for tax season.

Company benefit plans

Move your company forward through our employee benefit plan and administration services. We have extensive experience working with both single and multi-employer benefit plans, and we’ll provide a range of services from plan design and administration to the annual audit.

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