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MCM is here to help your business leverage data and human intelligence to become an insight-driven organization that better understands where it’s been, where it’s going, and what you need to do now to achieve your goals. Our mission is to deliver market differentiating outcomes by improving the quality and accelerating the speed of actionable, insight-based decisions. We can help you unlock opportunities, address challenges and drive value throughout your organization.

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Analytic Solutions

MCM’s Analytic Solutions are interactive, on-demand dashboards designed to convert your data from complicated spreadsheets to user-friendly graphs and charts, allowing your team to quickly identify and address issues before they become major, expensive problems.

New to Data Analytics?

For those who simply aren’t sure where to begin when it comes to data, our expert advisors offer the Data Strategy services. These services are designed to assist organizations at all levels, creating a road map to support your team in leveraging business data and becoming a more insight-driven organization. Our Data Strategy services can help you by developing an individualized plan to unlock opportunities, address challenges and drive value throughout your organization.

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    Data analytics can help you achieve your goals

    Published 03/06/2023

    Every organization is looking for a way to achieve their goals more quickly and efficiently. However, most organizations are not harnessing the tool that can help them do just that – data analytics. Data analytics is the processes of...

    Using data analytics to help prevent and detect fraud

    Published 08/26/2022

    Organizations that use proactive data monitoring can reduce their fraud losses by an average of 54% and detect scams in half the time, according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners’ Report to the Nations. Here’s insight into...

    Data analytics can drive success

    Published 08/26/2022

    Data analytics has been the rage among for-profits for some time, and nonprofits are now starting to follow suit. With all eyes on performance outcomes these days, it’s only logical: Data analytics provides a welcome way to demonstrate...