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Beyond Human Resources

At MCM, we think beyond the bottom line. We provide our clients with services that reach beyond traditional tax and assurance offerings by nurturing high-impact expertise in an array of industries, technologies and operations. We want to identify opportunities, and anticipate challenges, from all angles, for all of our clients.

Our HR Consulting Services

MCM’s specialized HR advisors help organizations succeed by providing the expertise to help manage people-related challenges. We consult on both domestic and international engagements, and clients receive forward-thinking strategies and custom-tailored consulting services to meet their needs in any of the following HR areas:


Successful businesses know how to acquire the right people, develop the appropriate talent, and retain the best people. Leverage a host of MCM tools and resources to attract and acquire the best people through assessments, hiring assistance, employment screening, outplacement, career counseling, and succession planning. Develop the appropriate talent by leveraging our expertise in areas that include leadership development, executive coaching, people management, performance reviews, onboarding, and soft skills training.


A highly-engaged workforce can help increase revenue, decrease unnecessary expenses, and reduce costly turnover. Utilize MCM’s effective transformational programs to increase employee engagement, team building, and communication while managing conflict resolution.


Count on MCM to ensure the appropriate systems are utilized to meet legislative requirements related to employment matters. Whether it’s how you treat employees, what rewards are offered and to whom, how information is shared, or what expectations or requirements are established, the fundamental approach must be compliant with the established legislation. We offer compliance expertise in the following areas:

• Employee handbooks
• Investigations
• Job descriptions
• Policies and procedures
• Payroll
• Affordable Care Act (ACA)
• Recordkeeping

Organizational development

Strategic goals relative to people, process, systems, and structures are of paramount importance in today’s business world. Utilize solution-based services tailored to meet the organization’s needs, climate, and budgets while meeting and exceeding organizational goals.

Total rewards

The nature of the economy requires businesses to be nimble and quick as it relates to employee rewards, compensation and / or benefits. As businesses continue to do more with less, rewarding the right people for the right behaviors is imperative to overall business success. MCM can assist with analyzing compensation practices and implementing rewards strategies to ensure a competitive market position.

• Compensation analysis and design
• Total rewards analysis and design
• Policies and procedures
• Payroll
• Affordable Care Act (ACA)
• Recordkeeping
• Work / life integration strategies
• Wellness initiatives

Assessments, Tools, and Solutions

ProfileXT® – Measures how an individual fits in your organization
Checkpoint 360˚™ – Evaluates efficiency of your managers and leaders
Step One Survey A® – Measures an individual’s basic work-related values
Profiles Sales Assessment™ – Measures how well a person fits a sales job
Profiles Performance Indicator™ – Measures motivational intensity and behaviors
Skills Test™ – Measures essential knowledge and skill level
Bennett Mechanical Aptitude – Measures ability to comprehend mechanical principles
Profiles Managerial Fit™ – Measures manager-employee compatibility
Customer Service Profile™ – Measures how a person fits customer service jobs
Workplace Engagement Survey™ – Measures how employees connect with their work
Team Analysis – Provides managers and team leaders with a blueprint for effective team development

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