IRS Audits & Tax

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Resolve to win.

If you or your business receives a notice of audit, proposed adjustment, penalty notice or notification of lien from the IRS or state taxing authorities, MCM has a talented and experienced staff to assist in resolving the matter.

Our services

Income, sales, and property tax examination

Trust our empirical, effective, and comprehensive approach to income, sales, and property tax examinations. We’ll make sure you’re totally prepared for your next internal or external audit, and we’ll also get you ready for a smooth and seamless tax season.

Responding to tax examiners

Meet with tax examiners and respond to their requests for information to maintain compliance.

Protest letters and appeals

Prepare the most compelling protest letters and set yourself up for success at an appeals hearings.

Tax disputes

Settle tax disputes soundly to keep your business moving forward.

Penalty abatements

Qualify for penalty relief through our penalty abatement process. MCM will ensure your materials are expertly prepared.

Voluntary Disclosure Agreements and Amnesty Requests

Reduce your exposure to unexpected or missed filings through the use of Voluntary Disclosure Agreements (VDAs).

Offers in Compromise and Installment Agreements

Settle your tax liabilities favorably through our Tax Controversy services. MCM’s talented and experienced staff will step in to make sure your company comes out ahead.

For more information, contact our tax service team leader.