Forensic and Fraud Services

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Stop fraud before it happens.

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners 2016 Report to the Nation estimates that the typical organization lost 5% of its annual revenue to fraud, with total fraud losses exceeding $6.3 billion. Businesses of every type and size are vulnerable to fraud. MCM’s fraud prevention and examination professionals possess expertise and practical experience in a variety of industries. Our extensive experience in fraud prevention, detection, and investigation allow us to address the most challenging situations.

Our Forensic and Fraud Services

Investigating the occurrence of fraud and estimating loss

Manage fraud effectively by cutting it off from the start. Our investigative services will audit your company thoroughly to locate any problem areas and accurately estimate loss.

Examining, establishing, and reviewing internal controls and compliance

Apply our prescriptive framework to adapt your security controls to maintain compliance.

Conducting data mining for suspicious patterns of payments

Locate problem areas in your payment patterns to mitigate risk effectively.

Training and educating on fraud prevention

Keep your staff in the know on how to spot and respond to fraud.

Implementing fraud preventative practices

Learn from others’ mistakes by incorporating fraud preventative measures from the start.

Let us look behind your numbers.