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CFOs to go.

To many small and mid-sized businesses, hiring a full-time Chief Financial Officer (CFO) isn’t feasible. These companies could find themselves at a disadvantage compared to their larger competitors. A skillful CFO can be instrumental in ensuring that operations remain at the most profitable level possible. We understand the needs of such organizations and have developed CFO services with them in mind.

Our CFO Services

Identifying strategic goals to drive profits and other strategic initiatives

Expand your business at the right time and in the right way with our CFO services. MCM’s team will home in and fully capitalize on available growth opportunities without compromising your exceptional customer service.

Preparing financial information used in internal or external reporting, including working with the company’s existing accountant

Get prepared for your next external audit with our comprehensive internal auditing service. With our help, your financial records will be structured in an easily accessible way to ensure your practice will continue operating effectively and efficiently.

Assessing financial consequences of proposed transactions

Balance the effectiveness of your proposed transactions to find out how your business should go forward.

Preparing and monitoring budgets and forecasts, including cash forecasting

Engage with our veteran CPAs and advisors to receive critical financial assistance as your business prepares and monitors budgets and forecasts going forward.

Assessing profit margins lining up with industry expectations

Operate at the highest level of efficiency with the help of our CFO Services Team. We’ll step in to make sure your operations reach the quality threshold based on our thorough, comprehensive assessment report.

Evaluating and developing inventory tracking systems

Keep track of what’s in stock and what needs to go through our hands-on inventory control analysis service. In a constantly evolving market, we’ll bring innovative inventory decisions to the table.

Assessing IT needs

Let our Technology Solutions Team help you with your IT needs so you can keep your operations running at peak efficiency.

Assessing HR needs

Implement the right systems and tools to obtain and manage the best people for your company. MCM will help you navigate the ever-changing HR landscape to comprehensively optimize your business practices.

Developing compensation plans for key employees

Keep your company happy and afloat through our employee benefit plan and administration services. We have extensive experience working with both single- and multi-employer benefit plans, and we’ll provide a range of services from plan design and administration to the annual audit.

Evaluating internal accounting controls

Audit your company internally to ensure your accounting controls are operating the most efficiently for your business’s goals.

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