Therapy Business Advisory Services

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Keep Your Business Healthy.

MCM’s Therapy Services Advisory Team understands the complexities facing healthcare organizations that offer therapy services. From identifying areas of revenue growth, to helping implement process changes, MCM can provide operational solutions to keep your business and patients on the right track.

We can help. Here's how.

Outpatient therapy payment

In the absence of strong managed care, outpatient therapy is still paid on a fee schedule or percent of charges. Outpatient therapy is a recurring service. Found opportunity repeats itself.

Accurate therapist reporting

Billing and coding rules are complicated and often result in therapists under-representing their services on their charge tickets.

Reduced no-shows

If there is a high percentage of no-shows and cancellations, we can help.

Increased referrals

There can often be referral and program development improvement opportunities. We assist with developing the processes to realize new patients.

Contract negotiations

Many therapy businesses pay premium prices for contract therapists, with little ROI. Facilitating an appropriate contract rate or proving alternatives can be money in the bank for the hospital.

Keep your therapy practice at peak efficiency.