Litigation Support

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Credible, experienced experts.

MCM actively supports attorneys in client litigation matters, serving as advisors and / or expert witnesses. As advisors, we assist legal counsel in investigating allegations during or after indictment. As expert witnesses, we prepare reports and exhibits that support facts used in negotiation, deposition, arbitration, mediation, or trial.

Our Litigation Services

Breach of contract

We analyze lost business value, profits, or economic damages resulting from breach of contract or other liabilities.

Tracing assets

Fiduciary responsibility, money laundering, marital versus non-marital, theft, conflicts of interest, bankruptcy, and ability-to-pay judgment.

Data analysis

We extensively sample, extrapolate, and interpret data to shed light on the subject at hand.


Calculating amounts due pursuant to employment or other contracts is second nature to us.

Business valuation

When it comes to assessing damages, talk to our Valuation Team.


Investigating insurance and healthcare fraud and abuse related to Medicare / Medicaid is what we’re all about.

All evidence points to MCM as the right professionals to have on your litigation support team.