Protect yourself from ransomware attacks during the COVID-19 pandemic

Published December 1, 2020

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While we are getting comfortable with remote work, hackers are also getting comfortable with us working remotely as phishing attempts and ransomware attacks have increased by over 400% during the pandemic. Your organization’s firewall stops attacks from infiltrating the network. But what happens if you are attacked at home and carry that infected device into the office? Well, that is a major threat to your network and exactly where hackers and cybercriminals are focusing their attention.

New COVID-19 ransomware threats on the rise

Phishing emails are a major ransomware concern and evolve with our changing world by including headlines from timely political and pop culture news. COVID-19 is no exception. COVID-19 ransomware emails attempt to lure you into clicking links or opening attachments containing information about vaccines, small business loans and financial assistance, and even video conferencing platforms as many organizations are new to remote work. Make sure your teammates are aware of these emails and think twice before clicking or opening.

Contact MCMTS to make sure your team is protected

Our MCMTS Cybersecurity Team can assess your network and make recommendations on how to stay protected from these attacks and keep your employees educated on best practices. To learn more, reach out to your MCMTS relationship contact, or click here to email us.

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