Complimentary 90-Minute Meeting


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What is an EOS 90 Minute Meeting?

Many people think that the EOS 90 Minute Meeting is going to be a sales pitch. That couldn’t be further from the truth. An EOS 90 Minute Meeting is where the EOS implementer and the company get to sit down and decide if the Entrepreneurial Operating System is right for the company. As the decision makers for a business considering EOS you get, more than anything, insights into your own business. The EOS 90 Minute Meeting is all about laying out the EOS process in enough detail (but still thin enough to fit in 90 minutes) so that your team understand the value and commitment of the EOS process and walk away with tools to help your leadership align around a common vision using simple but powerful tools that drive accountability to get RESULTS.


We help leadership teams be better at 3 things:

  • Vision (getting the entire leadership team aligned around a common vision)
  • Traction (instilling a culture of discipline and accountability so that leaders execute on the vision)
  • Healthy (working together to create a cohesive leadership team where everyone is comfortable being open and honest)