Transitioning to a Remote Workforce During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Published April 6, 2020

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Are most businesses prepared for a remote workforce?

Most businesses are equipped for a small portion of job tasks to be completed remotely. Having an entire team move to working remotely this quickly is unprecedented.  The short answer is no, most businesses are not prepared.

What are the first steps?

  • Implement the right technologies: Your team needs to be able to function as securely and effectively as in the office. This means at a minimum they will need a laptop, high speed internet, dedicated workspace, voice and video solutions, and secure access to the company’s network resources
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  • Establish training programs on how to utilize new technology: Most companies rush right to implementing technology, but how many truly spend time learning how to use it correctly? Taking the time to document and train your team on how to use your solutions properly will ensure your team increases productivity and receives a return on the company’s investment

What challenges should I be prepared for my team to face?

Fragmented communication, loneliness, technology issues, time management, overworking, and handling interruptions are factors that all employees will face working from home. By taking time to address each of these issues head on, you will make the transition to working remotely as seamless as possible.

How often should my team check in with each other?  Do we do it as a company, individual calls, etc?

Check in with your team at least once per week.  Encourage managers to meet with their teams in smaller group sessions frequently.  Remember, not all meetings have to be serious!  Set up some virtual coffee breaks, lunch meetings, and happy hours.

The important thing to remember is that frequency of contact should not go down. Use that as your guide when determining the frequency of virtual meetings throughout the week.

What are the best practices for video conferencing? Check out this more detailed article here: COVID-19 Video Conferencing Best Practices

To ensure you have the technological resources and business processes in place to deal with the quickly changing work environment, reach out to us at and a member of our COVID-19 Solutions Group will be in touch.

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