Keeping Technology Organized Can Lead to Decreased Downtime

Published August 26, 2020

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Benefits for keeping your server area clean and organized

A tidy server room can offer many benefits for your business. Often times a “cable spaghetti” setup (left) can cause servers to run suboptimally with poor airflow and improper hardware management.

Poorly managed cabling can quickly escalate out of control.

It’s easy for cables to become unorganized and out of control, especially if there are multiple team members working on the hardware. Over time, and often in a pinch, cables will be added to fix server problems. If time isn’t dedicated to cleaning up a server area, it can become a jumbled mess.

When our MCMTS IT Infrastructure Team is called upon to organize a server room or closet, we can find broken and inefficient technology, as well as extra cables plugged in but not serving a purpose. In some instances, removing the excess can even allow a system to run faster.

Troubleshoot more efficiently

A clean and organized server area (right) allows for a far easier time troubleshooting and solving problems when they arise. A team will simply have an easier time finding what they’re looking for, leading to decreased downtime.

An improved setup will also help your IT team keep their server room clean from dust and contaminants, preventing hardware disasters.

For help organizing a server room or closet – no matter the size – reach out to us at MCM Technology Solutions. Click the button below and get in touch with a team member who can help you with your IT infrastructure needs.

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