PARTNER WEBINAR: UofC Goering Center Ask Our Experts – Prioritize and solve your biggest issues with Traction’s IDS process


There is no shortage of issues to be solved for business owners today, and you can burn a lot of energy endlessly discussing, or worse, prematurely reacting to the emergency of the day. The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), widely known as “Traction,” provides simple, streamlined tools to help you work more effectively. Join us for a focused, one-hour discussion between local business owners that will teach you how to identify and prioritize your most important business issues, get your team aligned on a solution, and take decisive action.

Crystal Faulkner, tax partner at MCM and professional EOS implementer, will be joined by Rex Wetherill, CEO of Hydrotech and IOT Diagnostics, and Sylvia Ellert, their Corporate Sales Director. The team will zero in on the fourth of six key components of the Traction system – “Issues” – and will explore the IDS process.


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