Moving Toward Transformational HR – The Power of Engagement & Intentional Culture in the Changing Workplace

Employee engagement has been an important topic among HR professionals for decades now and, as the workforce and workplace have shifted, it is a powerful differentiator. Today, it is important to understand that driving a positive employee experience will ensure higher employee engagement levels and will be a powerful magnet to attract and retain talent.

As your company grows, how can HR decisions help enable the employee experience, drive engagement and deliver results back to the business? No matter how big your business is, as it grows, there are HR levers/tools that drive the engagement needed at all levels to deliver on your business strategies and set the tone that continue to imbed your organization’s culture and to understand what might be getting in the way.

Join us on October 7th for the third session in our 2022 Quarterly Webinar Series as we discuss shifting the focus from transactional human resource activities to a more strategic and engaging system centered around engagement, culture and impact. MCM HR Solutions Group will share insights into a three-phase system moving from transactional to transformational HR – The Power of Engagement & Intentional Culture in the Changing Workplace.