2022 Insurance Summit

The insurance industry is evolving in tech, regulation and market offerings at a very fast and hectic pace. Regulatory provisions and accounting models are being pushed to the limit to keep up with the changing environment, risk factors, new products and methods of distribution. To help keep up with this rapid pace of change, MCM’s Insurance Team will host or Insurance Summit to discuss, educate and analyze the impacts these changes have had on regulation, compliance, accounting and taxes for Insurance carriers and agents.


We will be hosting this this year’s summit at Castle & Key Distillery, offering six hours of CPE, including one hour of ethics and will bring back lunchtime trivia! Our guest speakers covering the ethics portion will be Dr. Keith Richardson, Professor of Accounting at Bellarmine and Robin Raypole, VP and Chief Financial Officer, Lawyers Mutual of Kentucky. We will cover the following topics:


  • Ethical concepts in business and interactive case studies
  • Accounting and tax update
  • Capital markets, mergers & acquisitions update
  • Being prepared for regulatory exams – best practices
  • Governance, Regulatory, Environmental and Social matters 


Make sure to register today, we hope to see you there!

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