COVID-19 Cost Tracking Guidelines for PA Applicants

Published April 2, 2020

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Costs captured should be incremental in nature and may include the following:

  • Labor
    • Dedicated FTEs for COVID-19 prevention or treatment measures.  These should be individuals that are fully dedicated to COVID-19 treatment and includes all costs including regular wages, overtime, shift differentials, etc.  PC clocking to the corresponding Emergency Preparedness cost centers should be utilized when possible.
    • Contracted or agency costs exclusively for the treatment of COVID-19 patients. For those caregivers assigned to departments (e.g., nursing units, emergency room or respiratory), hours should remain in the “worked” departments to enable constant view of matching labor to volumes. Only incremental hours should be tracked and charged within these COVID-19 departments.
    • Other labor costs that is incremental and intended exclusively for the treatment of COVID-19 patients, such as visitor screening.
    • Individuals may intermittently spend time (20% for example) on COVID19 activities (for example, incident command meetings or huddles). For these individuals, we may capture costs later and determine if a reclassification is needed.
    • Additional compensation paid for base support of physician practices or other groups
    • Additional wages paid to furloughed staff as deemed appropriate by Human Resources through the pay codes specific to furloughing.
  • Education/Training costs
    • Any training, education, or orientation associated with bringing on new staff specifically dedicated to the COVID-19 efforts.
    • Costs specifically related to training of new policies, procedures, or education of personal protective equipment related to COVID-19
  • Supplies & Transportation costs
    • Personal protective equipment that is specific to COVID-19 treatment
    • Specimen condition necessities and testing costs specific to COVID-19
    • Devices specifically related to the testing or screening of patients.
    • Incremental transportation costs relative to COVID-19
  • Costs for outside contractors performing emergency protective work
    • Includes additional cleaning services with focused efforts around sanitizing for COVID-19
    • Increased security to assist with visitor policy.
  • Information technology costs
    • Costs related to modifications, new software, new hardware, teleconferencing, telemedicine/eVisits and other costs related to COVID-19 response
  • Other
    • Cost of employee meal vouchers at $7/meal in conjunction local costs.
    • Any costs that would not normally be incurred during regular operations
  • Capital/Construction costs including
    • Temporary units
    • Negative pressure rooms
    • Incremental rent for ventilators and other equipment specific to treatment of COVID-19



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