Young girl and man looking at coins on table

Making a difference in the lives of kids.

Accounting for Kids, Inc. (AFK) is a Cincinnati-based nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of local disadvantaged children in need of positive encouragement, support, and mentorship. The mission of AFK is to introduce financial concepts to children in a fun and interactive manner and to encourage financial and business professionals to become tutors and mentors to disadvantaged children. As a financial literacy initiative, AFK works closely with local school districts to institute critical concepts such as finance, accounting, and economics to children, while encouraging the community to become involved by volunteering their time and knowledge at the annual AFK Day.

Accounting for Kids, Inc., started more than a decade and a half ago when MCM partners Crystal Faulkner and Thomas Cooney were working in downtown Cincinnati. They were compelled to make a difference in the lives of the children living in the urban Over-the-Rhine neighborhood, as many had never been exposed to anything other than the six-block radius in which they lived and went to school. Faulkner and Cooney soon decided to “adopt” a class in the neighborhood, an embryonic effort which would eventually evolve into Accounting for Kids, Inc.

How AFK Helps

Each year we sponsor AFK Day where volunteers teach financial education in classrooms. After 16 successful years, the annual AFK Day has become well established and involves hundreds of volunteers across several schools. Volunteers lead interactive financial literacy learning activities and are encouraged to discuss students’ goals, their plans for college, and to ultimately ask them, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

November 5, 2015, marked our 16th annual AKA Day, again made possible by the continued support of Huntington Bank and many other generous sponsors. It was yet another resounding success for all participants involved, with more than 700 volunteers reaching 139 classrooms in 30 schools throughout the Cincinnati region.