Best Practices For Your Server Room

Published September 8, 2020

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Your server room houses some of the most important equipment in your company. It is important to make it difficult for outsiders to penetrate the security measures for these devices. Here are some items to keep in mind when creating a security checklist for your server rooms and data centers.

  • Lock the doors! The easiest step in protecting your equipment. Your team should decide who should have access to this area and who shouldn’t.
  • Create a log of people who access this area.
  • Enable multifactor authentication for the area. Utilizing keys, biometrics etc. will limit who can access this area.
  • Install surveillance such as security cameras and motion sensors.
  • Servers produce a lot of heat. Install temperature and humidity monitors to monitor your equipment and alert you when problems arise.

The security landscape is constantly changing. It’s important to review your policies and procedures on a consistent basis and make changes when necessary.

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