Attracting Talent in the Hospitality Industry

Published April 8, 2021

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As businesses in the hospitality industry are starting to reopen, attracting talent is top of mind. To help in developing a recruitment strategy, we have compiled tips below to help find and retain new employees:

Analyze your job posting.

Take time to consider all elements of your job posting and ensure you are presenting your business in an appealing manner. What differentiates your company? How would you describe your team? What are the best perks of working at your company, and how flexible can you be? Provide prospects with detailed information about your business and team, so they can imagine what working for your business would be like.

Decide where to share your job posting.

To determine where to share your posting, first decide who your audience is and where they will be looking. You may consider reaching out to high school guidance counselors to share the position, advertising at local gyms, or using on-site property hiring signs.

Another great opportunity you have is within your current employees’ networks. Share the job posting with your employees and encourage them to get to word out and share on their own social media platforms. If you don’t already have an employee referral program, we can help you develop a system that rewards your employees for recruiting quality hires.

Make social media a priority.

Social media is a great place to share job postings, but it also serves as a representation of your business. When prospects look at your social media, what do they see? Is your organization fun? Progressive? Are your employees happy? Does it look like a place they would want to work? If you don’t have a social media presence, or if your current social platforms need to be revamped, our team can help.

Engage your current employees.

A strong company culture begins with treating employees like customers. It may seem difficult to know where to begin, but an easy step is to get to know your employees and their wants and needs. Make hitting work goals rewarding and encourage them to cross-train, gain managerial skills, work additional hours, or work at other locations for their convenience. Creating a strong culture will help you recruit and retain team members.

Highlight your COVID-19 response.

As a result of the pandemic, businesses have changed their procedures to keep employees and customers safe. Prospects want to feel safe at their workplace, and promoting the shifts your business has implemented may encourage quality candidates to apply.

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